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Our approach to sustainability

Haventus’ impact

We are committed to working, and delivering value, responsibly

Haventus recognises that in the development of our sites, and their operational use, activity must be delivered in a way that meets the expectations and needs of our communities, regulatory authorities, and civil society.

Our ambition is to make long-term, net positive contributions to the environment, communities, our people and the energy transition. Making a positive difference is what drives us to do business the right way and according to the highest standards.


Effective governance is at the heart of running a responsible business.

At Haventus, we exist to enable the transition to net zero. We recognise that this brings benefits and challenges for wider society. For our part, we will continue to engage government, authorities, regulators, industry bodies and local communities to ensure our contribution is delivered in the right way to provide maximum benefit to all stakeholders.


Responsible supply chain

An important element in our selection of, and work with, partners and contractors is alignment on responsible working practices and a commitment to sustainability. As we can demonstrate ourselves, those we choose to work with must operate to high standards across a range of criteria, notably human rights, anti-corruption and HSE performance.


Doing business the right way

Operating ethically is fundamental to the sustainability of our business. We comply with all applicable regulations, and always seek to engage openly with our employees, partners, authorities, regulators and local communities. We adopt a position of zero tolerance on corrupt business practices: bribery, fraud and any form of corruption.


Emergency and crisis preparedness

We operate with multiple barriers in place to prevent emergencies and serious incidents. In the highly unlikely event of a major emergency or accident at any of our facilities, we have in place procedures to respond appropriately.




An attack on the IT systems and infrastructure of any business can cause significant business interruption and pose risks to the data and privacy of our customers and employees. We have measures in place to protect our IT and data infrastructure with several lines of defence.