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Enabling transformative energy projects

Haventus is an energy transition facilities provider, offering pivotal infrastructure for the offshore wind industry. The company identifies, redevelops, and manages strategic sites to enable the renewable energy sector to develop at scale. Haventus’ mission is to serve the global imperative for a net zero future.

Our first facility – Ardersier Port

Our first facility is under development at Ardersier Port, located near Inverness in Scotland. The site is on the Moray Firth, a prime location to serve the offshore wind market. Ardersier Port will provide Scotland’s largest facility on the North Sea coast for deploying and servicing offshore wind installations.

Ardersier Port – a 450 acre offshore wind deployment site
Ardersier Port – a 450 acre offshore wind deployment site
  • Situated in the Moray Firth, Ardersier Port offers a natural sheltered harbour with easy access to the North Sea. The 160 metre wide channel will be dredged to 12.4m CD.

  • Enabling access to the full onshore site, initial development will see construction of a 659m Quay Wall, including RoRo access and a 420m main Quay capable of accommodating multiple berths. Associated quayside will be constructed, with a loadbearing capacity of 25t/m2.

  • Ideal for marshalling with advantaged access to the quayside, this space of up to 200 acres has a load bearing capacity well in excess of 10t/m2.

  • The eastern end of the main site, provides around 150 acres ideal for assembly, storage and manufacturing.

  • Future development provides the opportunity to build an additional >1km of Quay Wall to be developed based on the requirements of future clients.


Ardersier Port in Numbers


Fully operational


Acre site situated 14 miles to the east of Inverness


Enabling the deployment of offshore wind energy


Supporting Scotland and the UK’s net zero target

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We are committed to working and delivering value responsibly.


Health and Safety

Our number one goal is keeping our people safe

A sustainable business is underpinned by good people. That’s why our first priority is keeping colleagues and everyone working on our sites, safe.

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Environmental stewardship is core to what we do

Environmental responsibility must underpin how we develop and operate our sites.

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Wherever we operate, we seek to ensure that we bring mutual benefit

That means wherever possible, we recruit new colleagues from the local area, and use local businesses to support relevant activities at our sites.

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